The Truth Behind Moving Cities And A Glimpse Into My Bedroom

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This is a post I have wanted to create for some time now and I am so happy I can finally share it. Since moving into my apartment in Manchester, I have so many of you asking for more of an insight into my home and incidentally, my life – so here it is.

Moving cities was such a hard decision, and a scary one at that but, after eight months, I feel really settled here and know I made the right choice in doing so. Given that my man was here, and that Manchester is a much bigger city with more opportunities for me than Nottingham – it seemed like the right thing to do. After five and a half years together, moving in was, like with any relationship, the next natural step. We hadn’t had any intense conversations about it, but we knew it was going to happen at some point and the opportunity actually came quite suddenly. Processed with Rookie Cam| Pink knit throw: IKEAFur rug: TK Maxx |

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Being an online influencer really is an illusion to a certain extent in that you show the world snippets of your life and what you want them to see. Before moving to Manchester, I was actually working in a physiotherapy clinic part time – something I chose not to share. It wasn’t that I was embarrassed or anything of the sort, it was more than I didn’t think it was relevant. Going full-time as a blogger just wasn’t viable at the time and this seemed like the most sensible decision. Six months into working there, I was told the clinic was actually going to shut down and my first thought was that if I was going to move, now was the time.

For the next couple of weeks, I started looking for social media jobs in the centre. Given that I hadn’t worked within a company like this before, I wasn’t overly confident I was going to get a job but much to my surprise, a week later, I got a call from a fashion PR company. It was only a month later that I started working there and moved my life to Manchester. I remember how nervous I was on my first day and because it all had happened so quickly it almost didn’t feel real.
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When you move to a different city, I would say that the hardest thing is leaving your family and friends behind, and this was no exception for me. Despite it being difficult, it was either staying where I was, and professionally not progressing, or alternatively taking the risk and moving. While at first it was a shock, everybody around me was so supportive and encouraged me to do what I needed to do which if anything, reminded me how lucky I was to be surrounded by such amazing people.

Anyway, without going off on a tangent, here I am, sat in my apartment, at my new desk writing this blog post for you. When it comes to looking for somewhere to live in a city centre, let me tell you – it is SUPER stressful. It took us around three months to find somewhere that not only we loved, but that was affordable as well. The first one we viewed, was a studio apartment. At the time we thought, there’s only two of us, we don’t need much space – wow, how wrong we were. As soon as we opened the door, all of these thoughts were pretty much shot to shit. The room was hideously small, it was on the ground floor, and the bed folded up – we basically ran as fast as we could to get the hell out of there.

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I don’t know about anybody else, but I’m one of those people that when I like something, I can’t wait, I literally need it there and then. When we were viewing other apartments, I kept getting my heart set on one, persuading Dan we could go over budget (obviously), envisioning everything I was going to do to it in my head, and then we would get a call to either say somebody else had got it or, on one occasion, the landlord had decided to sell the property instead. I mean really?! My tip for anybody going through this process, is basically to not get attached to any of the properties you are viewing. We also quickly learnt that anywhere in the city gets snapped up super quickly. Dan had viewed a place that had exposed brick inside it – anybody that knows me will know that this is an interior weakness of mine. We were trying to decide between this one and one that I had viewed – finally came to a decision, rang them back to say we would like it and shock horror, it had gone.
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It wasn’t until one came up in Ancoats that our search for an apartment was finally over. What’s crazy is that when our apartment came up, I wasn’t overly into it. If I’m completely honest, because it didn’t have exposed brick (after viewing ones that did), I wasn’t interested – the truth is, you really can’t be as picky as I was being. When we went to view it, I was more inclined to say yes and finally, over a Rudy’s pizza, I agreed we should just go for it. Six months later, here we are – home.

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In terms of furnishing, the apartment was furnished, which was a slight waste of time as I actually ended up replacing anything that was there (minus the wardrobe and the bed). After scrolling endlessly through interior posts for inspiration beforehand, I knew that I wanted that minimal, Scandinavian vibe throughout the apartment. While in my mind, the apartment is always going to be a working progress, it really does feel like home now which I think is so important when moving. The bedroom was the last room I focused on and it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that in the bedroom I decided to incorporate some dusky pink into the interior. My taste is quite simplistic and I think it’s apparent that I have a minor obsession with faux fur, but who doesn’t? I have my eye on a pink stool and a new addition to my plant collection, but other than that I’m done – for a few months at least.

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