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During the last six months, I have made a conscious effort to make sure that I share most aspects of my life with you guys – meaning that I don’t share the most intimate details of my life (I could write an endless list of things you definitely wouldn’t want to see) but for the most part, I share the majority. I think as an online influencer, and being given the opportunity to have a platform to publish whatever you want, I have learnt that it isn’t only fashion I want to be sharing – beauty is a huge part of my life as well. With this in mind, and taking into consideration that beauty seems to have a big demand on my Instagram (I get lots of questions asking about what make up and cosmetics I’m using), this month I’m going to show you some of my beauty favourites and some products I have been testing out for the last few weeks.

z1 z2 Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Foundation

Okay, Fenty Beauty has become huge and it’s a brand that I have wanted to invest in for so long before actually taking the plunge and buying some products. If the fact it belongs to Rihanna isn’t reason enough to splurge (we all have a girl crush on her let’s be honest), all of the products look super dreamy which is an added bonus. When it comes to foundation, I am slightly obsessed. I have always been one of those people that can’t just use one foundation and instead I have to mix them. If I’m completely honest, I must have at least seven in my make up bag at the moment. Case in point, I finally managed to get my hands on this and while I was apprehensive that it may be too matte for me, it’s perfect. There’s nothing worse than a cakey, heavy looking base and I can honestly say that while it is matte, this still has a luminosity to it and offers a good amount of coverage. Since I’ve been going to the gym, I find that I usually go in the afternoon, and when I have been wearing this, after my work out, and despite the copious amount of sweat on my face- (savage IKR), my foundation hasn’t faltered – so for me, this get’s a big thumbs up.

z3 z4Mac Prep & Prime BB Beauty Balm

Do you ever have one of those days when you wake up and just immediately know that you aren’t in the mood for spending an hour applying make up? This happens to me often, however, when your job entails being in front of a lens a lot of the time, ain’t nobody wanting to see a bare face – Instagram Stories is a whole other game and for me, anything goes. On days where I don’t want to wear much make up, I have started wearing BB cream instead. In the past, whenever I thought of BB cream, it reminded me of middle aged women who don’t know how to apply make up – I was completely wrong, it’s a frickin’ god send. I have been trying out this MAC Beauty Balm for the last few weeks and it’s been such a good foundation substitute. It’s a much lighter product but still has a really good amount of coverage.

z5 z6 z7Benefit GALifornia Blusher

Okay, if you don’t wear blusher, are you even human? Blusher to me is such a big part of my beauty regime and it’s a product that always puts the final touch on any look. However, finding the right colour palette for you is a whole other story. I mean, you don’t want to end up looking like KoKo the clown do you? I would advise that a little goes a long way and when experimenting with shades, apply a tiny amount and see how you go. I’ve been one of those people who have swirled the brush round and round, completely overestimating the amount needed, putting huge brush strokes on my cheeks and it then being that intense that I have had to wipe off my makeup and start from scratch. This Benefit GALfornia Blusher is such a beautiful shade if you aren’t overly daring with your blush – because it’s more of a peach and has so much warmth in it, it goes perfectly with your bronzer and adds that sun-kissed look to your face.

z8 z9MAC Bronzing Powder

Let’s talk bronzer. If you apply foundation but are a contour virgin, what have you been doing all of this time?! I think people underestimate just how important bronzer is within your every-day beauty regime. Not only does it add definition to your face, but it gives that forever sought after warmth to your complexion – it’s a rarity that you want to look pale and washed out. Finding the right texture however can be really tricky, and I personally, dependant on my mood, go between cream based contours and powder based contours. I have been using this MAC Bronzing Powder for the last few weeks and I can 100% vouch for it and it’s ability to define my face. With some bronzers, I have found that they can go slightly patchy, especially if you layer them – this one doesn’t do that which is always a plus.

z10 z11 Benefit High Brow Highlight and Lift Pencil

While I constantly find myself around beauticians, and given that my sister has her own beauty salon, the importance of defining my brows is always reinforced. Drawing in your brows just won’t cut it anymore, the real deal breaker is how you highlight them and if you want to get in the brow game, it’s time to get on board with this highlighting malarky. Usually I use the High Definition brow highlighter but for the last few weeks I have been trying this Benefit High Brow Highlight and Lift Pencil which after careful inspection, is genuinely just as good – if not better. You only need to apply a small amount right under the arch of your brow and not only does it define the shape of your eyebrows, but it also adds a nice dewy highlight- game changer.

z12 z13MAC lip pencil

As somebody that doesn’t have big lips, I have a slight obsession with giving the illusion to having bigger lips – ah, the power of make up, what would we do without it?! I’m going to be honest, I have tried so many different lip pencils and can safely say that MAC do the best collection by far. This is a product that I always keep in my hand bag and is my secret weapon within my beauty regime. The best thing about the MAC lip pencils are that they last FOREVER. I’m talking, use it three times a day and still have it in six months time kind of longevity. What’s not to love?

z14Real Techniques Bold Metal 300 Blush Brush
Real Techniques Bold Metal 301 Flat Contour Brush

Real Techniques Bold Metal Triangle Concealer Brush

I genuinely know some honeys that don’t really care about make up brushes but for anybody that loves make up, your brushes are kind of like your babies so much so, you are willing to throw down some serious money on them. It makes me so sad when I see a perfect brand new brush and I have to dip it into a product – does anybody else experience this as well or is it just me being really dramatic? I have used hella’ lot of make up brushes, types and brands and my favourite has and still is Real Techniques. Not only do these offer amazing application but they are much more affordable than some of the others out there which I personally love – so does my bank account. Does it get better than that? Yes, when they are the Bold Metal collection and look as dreamy as this. Throughout the last few weeks I have been trying out the contour, blush and concealer Real Techniques Bold Metal make up brushes and I can hold my hands up and say they are worthy every penny. If you feel guilty spending money on make up brushes, are contemplating trying out something new or simply don’t really see the importance of using make up brushes but read this post – I would advise that you give these a try as they are AMAZING.

z15* Blog post in collaboration with Fragrance Direct *


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