Blogger problems: who do you post for?


Who do you post for?‘ seems to be a hot topic and a question on many peoples lips at the moment in the blogging world. It’s a question that is not only controversial, but one that we all perhaps struggle with at one point or another. The fight between what we want to post, and the little niggle in the back of our minds that makes us think, ‘what do my followers want to see?’ is forever apparent. What we have to continue to remind ourselves is that we started blogging to show people who we are and invite people into our lives through the use of photographs and videos. That’s all well and good to say BUT, it’s much easier said than done. When you create a readership and following from scratch, you do start to figure out (though I am still a little foggy myself) with what types of outfits, style and general pictures they like. As any business, you want to give people a reason to stop by and visit and as a blogger you also want to generate as many likes and as much interaction as you can. People may not like that, but it’s the truth. This then creates a conflict of posting what you personally want to show people but also having an awareness of what is received well by your readers. It got me myself thinking, who do I post for?

IMG_6551IMG_6552When I first started blogging and publishing pictures on Instagram I simply wanted people to see what I was wearing and give them some ideas of what they themselves could wear. This suddenly transpired into more than a hobbie and has since grown into what you could consider a business. As any business owner, you want to strive to do things to the best of your ability and on top of that, as a blogger you are marketing not only brands but more than anything, you are marketing yourself. Wanting that ‘best version of yourself’ out there is something any blogger wants and strives for. Who wouldn’t? This does present a slight conflict of interest though. I have, admittedly, found myself having to make the decision to post something I thought would go down well on Instagram rather than a photograph I personally wanted to post. As a blogger this is one of the hardest things because you do want to stay true to yourself and at the end of the day, you want your feed to most represent you. This isn’t to say I post things I don’t actually like, it’s rather I will always bare in mind what I think people will appreciate seeing. Whether that’s a backdrop, a piece of clothing, a specific angle – you get the jist. But, is this wrong? Should I onlyΒ everΒ post content I think will be received well or instead, should I screw the whole idea and post solely what I want- no likes or not?

IMG_7873IMG_6550It’s such a hard decision to make and one we, as bloggers don’t take lightly. Whoever said blogging was easy – or any social media job for that matter, was completely wrong. In fact, I challenge him/her to last a week in our shoes. Decisions like this we face on a daily basis, along with sometimes not understanding why some photographs go down better than others and why photographs you think are (without loss of a better word) the shit, get less likes than a picture taken on your phone. But that’s a whole other story – there seems to be absolutelyΒ noΒ pattern to Instagram.

I have came to the conclusion that while it is important to consider my loyal followers, after all, they are your audience, I am going to focus on what I want to post the majority of the time. People follow you for you, and you would assume it’s because they like what they see and like what you wear/post/show them. With that in mind, you would think whatever you post someone will have interest and they will respect you for being you. Likes or no likes, posting for yourself is the main priority.

IMG_6553I’m wearing:Β | Oversized asymmetric shirt: Zara | Boots: Autograph (similar) | Jeans: Topshop | Sunglasses: Topshop |

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  1. Holly White says:

    I’ve come to that conclusion too recently! YOU DO YOU!xx

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