Female empowerment and learning to support each other #GirlPower

IMG_1768Seeing as though my life has drastically changed in the last month; routine, living situation, city and job – it’s been chaotic to say the very least. I have been so bad at updating my blog and trust me – I’m very aware of it. I’ve been wide awake on more than one occasion going through all of the things I haven’t been doing, need to do, should do. Shoulda’, woulda’, coulda’. Being a stress head already, when something is on my mind, it isn’t just a niggle it actually turns into an all consuming ‘thing’ in my mind. Everything else in my life can be going bloody perfectly, but even if it’s just one thing that isn’t right, that’s the thing all of my focus will go on. Ah, to be an optimist!

Anyway, despite my rambling post today, I wanted to write something a little bit lifestyle orientated and address the fact that because I haven’t been on top of my blogging game at the moment, I have been comparing myself constantly to other influencers. Don’t get me wrong, we are all human, and competing to some extent is a natural instinct. However, in the social media world, comparing yourself to other people can, if you don’t get it under control, become an unhealthy obsession.Β IMG_1769IMG_1878Thinking that your thighs look big, your butt looks big, your hair isn’t tousled enough, you should have put a different colour on your lips – the being hard on yourself never stops. Then you see somebody upload the most uhmazing picture and think ‘mine looks rubbish compared to this’. What a vicious circle. Anyway, this got me thinking about how as women, we should always be supporting each other. If somebody has published something beautiful, despite it making you question whether you are on top of your own game, that isn’t to say you shouldn’t be happy for the other person. In this industry you see so many girls making bitchy comments and indirect tweets you can only imagine what they are saying in their cliques.

One thing I have always been taught that is if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. This applies so well within the blogging world. Instead of commenting on another girls photograph in a negative way, drawing speculation to the amount of likes or interaction they received, what they should have done to make it better – why not comment on that photograph with something positive and uplifting to say? As women, we know how difficult it is to put yourself out there and everybody in this industry really does have balls so why make it harder for them? Lets empower each other and point out all of the great things about that outfit. There are enough trolls out there sitting behind their laptops bringing people down, the last thing we need is any more or is to actually become one ourselves.

Over the years we have fought so hard to find our place in the world and to be considered ‘worthy’ of having a voice, so I’m all for us using our voice to empower each other.Β #GirlPower

IMG_1816I’m wearing: | Crop and skirt co-ord: New Look | Espadrille trainers: Superga | Basket bag: Topshop (similar) | Scarf: New Look |

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