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p1Good morning Queens, I thought it was about time that I shared the most frequently asked question I get – how I edit my photos and all of the apps that I use for both Instagram and Instagram Stories. Seeing as though being an online influencer is not only my full-time job but also something I love, I’m always looking for the most creative ways to share my content with you and ensure that I keep on top of my social media game. Let’s be honest, there are so many bloggers and Insta gals’ out there now, and seeing as though the Instagram algorithm has become public enemy number one, standing out and keeping your audience interested is really challenging so it’s important to remember that the editing process is your secret weapon to showing people who you are and getting your creative side out there.

Processed with Rookie Cam


Okay, if you haven’t already got AirBrush, I advise that you drop whatever else you are doing right now, go on the app store and hit the download button. For the last year, this app has been my god-send and one of the most significant parts of my editing process. What sets this app apart from the others is that it offers a ‘Makeup’ feature and one that of course can add to the makeup you are already wearing (you can change the intensity), but the reason I personally use it, is because it brightens the image with a natural sun kissed sort of light. I always use the ‘Freckle’ option, turn off the makeup and use this solely for the lighting – this is why all of my images have a warmth to them. Another reason I swear by this app, is because it gives you some amazing filters to apply to your image. I like the retro aspect to a picture and by using the ‘Rosegold’ filter, it instantly gives that retro aesthetic. You can also alter and play around with the intensity of the filter – I usually change it to 40% and find that the contrast on this isn’t too much. The final thing I use AirBrush for, is for the smooth feature. Real talk – nobody wants rough knee caps or creased clothing and on all of my images, if it needs smoothing, I’ll smooth it – no shame in admitting this.

I would say that 80% of my direct messages are people asking what filter I use on my pictures and the app that I use on every single image is RookieCam. If you are looking for a vintage, pixelated filter then this is the app for you. Truth be told, I can’t actually imagine life without RookieCam. One of my favourite influencers at the moment is Josefine (@josefinehj) and I admittedly, I have been super inspired by hella’ lot of her content over the last year or so. I remember looking through her feed thinking how diverse it looked because of the vintage filter she had on her imagery – after lots of research and trying out many other apps’, I found this one to be the best and it’s definitely my secret weapon when editing. The app allows you to choose from 30 different textures to apply to your image. and the one I use consistently is texture number one – this is how I get the speckled affect on my pictures. Another one I have used a lot in the past also is texture number six, which is a really pixelated, grainy overlay.

My last and final step in editing is a really simple one – Instagram. I’m slightly OCD anyway, so when it comes to uploading content, one thing that I can’t help focusing on is how straight an image is – there’s nothing worse than a picture that’s unintentionally on a tilt. Before uploading, I always try to ensure it’s as straight as possible and I do this by using the ‘adjust’ feature on the Instagram app. For those of you that love the grainy effect on images, you can resemble this really easily by using the ‘sharpen’ feature. I swear by this as it just makes the image that little bit more clear and vivid instead of flat – I usually put it on about 30%. Lastly, if you need to brighten a picture, after lots of playing around, I have found that the ‘highlight’ feature does this most successfully as unlike the ‘brighten’ option, it doesn’t take away from the image and make everything white.


Instagram Stories have become one of the fastest growing platforms in the last year and I can definitely see why. Now, brands and followers aren’t just looking for deconstructed content, and imagery that has been carefully edited and assembled, they are looking for authentic, raw content that has been created in real time – enter Instagram Stories. I must admit, I actually love Instagram Stories and find that they work really well for me. While I often use the standard Instagram Stories feature, recently, I have become obsessed with 8mm. This app mimics an 8mm video camera and essentially allows you to recreate and capture an old school vintage video giving your content a nostalgic look. After lots of confusion and figuring out, to ensure that the video will fit into your stories, you have to turn your phone to the right when taking the video – don’t ask me why but take my word for it. If you want videos with light leaks, scratches and and flickering – this one is for you.

Okay, thanks to one of the babes I follow on Instagram, (Sherrie Webster you know who you are), I have recently came across an UHMAZING app for editing your Instagram Stories. If you are wanting an app that offers you lots of different effects when creating your videos, you need to get this one downloaded. The effect that has been trending the most is the VHS one. If you have been looking for an app that transforms your videos into a 1980’s camcorder with lots of flickering – look no further. The best part of this effect is that it gives you an obtrusive time and date stamp on your video as well which I personally can’t help crushing on.

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    Ah I’m so glad you put up this post! I’ve been such a fan of your edits for a long time xx

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