How To Accept Change

IMG_9858IMG_9955Change. A word we all know well, but choose to ignore as much as we can. What is it about change that gives us so much anxiety? As somebody who is really organised and makes a plan to make a plan I don’t take too kindly to the unknown. Not knowing what’s going to happen or the outcome of a situation can be all consuming to the average person, but for somebody who actually likes being organised, it can be aΒ realΒ pain in the ass.

At twenty five (gulp, I’m getting old) things seem to change constantly and at the moment I feel like I want to hit the pause button just so I can gather my thoughts and figure out how I feel about things. Change can be such a good thing, and often the things you fear the most turn out to actually be complete blessings in disguise. But, that isn’t to say it’s scary as hell.
IMG_9956IMG_9958I’ve been to university and been the girl that stays at her friends house every night but secretly, I think I have always been a home bird – whether I have wanted to admit it or not. In the next few weeks I’m relocating to Manchester, starting a new job and moving in with my boyfriend – talk about some serious changes. Since I am quite a dramatic person I always like to do things in one go, so why not pull the band aid completely off? As excited as I am, over the last few days I’ve been thinking about all of the things and people I’m leaving behind. Granted, I’m only moving a few hours away but when you have lived with your family for twenty five years, see your sister and friends practically daily you get into a certain routine. Breaking routine is the most difficult part. Even though I know it’s the next natural step for me and the right decision it’s going to be emotional to say the least.

This got me thinking about change. As much as we want to avoid it, it’s pretty much like a crazy ex boyfriend – unavoidable. I recently read something on altering your mind set when it comes to the fear of change. Instead of seeing it as something negative, the sooner you start seeing the changes you are making as positive you will find it so much easier to adjust. I can see some truth in this. Instead of working yourself up, feeling anxious and getting in your head that youΒ can’tΒ do it, embracing change and focusing on the benefits is much healthier. Seeing it as a way to help you grow is, if anything, a really good thing.
IMG_8980Yes I’m moving and embarking on a new chapter of my life (I felt cringe writing that even for me) but the people I’m leaving behind aren’t going anywhere nor are the places. Sometimes in order to better yourself and experience new opportunities you do need to make sacrifices and that’s normal – if normal exists. I believe that everything happens for a reason, so any change coming my way I’m going to embrace – even if I do have to live with a boy. Let’s not even talk about toilet seats being left up and clothes on the bathroom floor or I might have a bitch fit. Change, it doesn’t sound so scary now right? Β IMG_9846I’m wearing: | Dress: Nobodys Child | Sunglasses: Cheap Monday |



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