The Denim Campaign: How To Create Four Different Looks With Your Jeans

It took me a good few years, but I can finally say that I am a huge jean advocate. When Debenhams contacted me and asked if I wanted to take part in their brand new denim campaign, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to show you all how I create different looks – with jeans as the key staple so here goes guys and gals’.


Regardless of what sort of mood you are in – whether it’s that I don’t give a f mood, the let’s get sassy or the, I need something easy mood – jeans can pull an entire outfit together and they really do cater to whatever look you desire. This look specifically applies to those casual, ‘I’ve recently started working from home’ days – you know the ones I mean, where you have to argue with yourself to get out of bed and do the coffee run – caffeine in particular is an essential. For me, that day seems to be a Wednesday. I have no idea why, but every Wednesday, I feel like playing it super casual and reaching for my straight leg jeans.


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When I worked in an office, (oh how I truly don’t miss that life), I used to get frequently asked what I wore to work. When you are there 9-5, five days a week, deciding what to wear becomes more important than the work itself (just kidding, well, maybe not). You want to go for professional but with a twist of trend. I used to always revert to some sort of statement blazer, a pair of black jeans and of course, a hat because really, what would life be without one? When it comes to office attire, you honestly can’t go wrong with a pair of skinny black jeans, and if you find yourself getting bored, why not mix it up with ripped jeans?


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If you follow me on social, you will be fully aware that I often frequent many Manchester coffee shops. There’s nothing better than running around the city and finding a new coffee shop of dreams to sit and do your work in. I don’t know what it is, but it appeals to me much more than sitting at home on the laptop – perhaps because at home there is no option of people watching. On a daily basis, this is the type of outfit I often find myself wearing. A little more than casual, but not too dressy. I don’t know why, but when I think of daytime, I always find myself associating blue denim with that rather than black. Case in point, these boyfriend jeans are the ideal candidate to drag around the city.


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When going out for dinner or drinks, forget the days of wearing a bandage dress – I actually can’t think of anything worse than squeezing myself into one of those. Fast forward a couple of years, and a pair of skinny high-waist jeans, a baker boy hat and a pair of heeled boots more than suffice.

| Petite black Darcy jeans: Dorothy Perkins (via Debenhams)White ankle boots: Miss KG (via Debenhams) | Black stripe blazer: Miss Selfridge (via Debenhams) | Black suede boots: Miss KG (via Debenhams) | Petite boyfriend jeans: Dorothy Perkins | 
*Post in collaboration with Debenhams

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