It’s time to embrace change

IMG_9109 IMG_9122If you follow me on Instagram – or any social channel for that matter, it will be no secret that I suddenly have a fascination with floral ruffle tea dresses. This one in partiuclar is my favourite. What marks an upcoming season than a statement? I would say my statement here is ; ‘sun I’m ready for ya’ babe.’
IMG_9123IMG_8752IMG_8754I don’t know what it is about this staple, but I felt so alive wearing it. I know that sounds incredibly cliche, but I truly did. Maybe it’s because it’s something I wouldn’t normally wear? Maybe it’s because in a dress like this you can expose skin without getting the ‘slag’ label? Who knows. This month I have a lot going on, and I mean A LOT. Among my birthday (did I mention I’m turning twenty-frickin’-five) SIGH, a trip to Barcelona, and my usual overdraft spending I am also making a few decisions that may change my life in a few ways. Of course I can’t reveal more than that now, but there’s something about this month that makes me want to embrace change. Whether it’s a dress, a pattern, a job, A location, a friendship – I’m ready for whatever decides to come my way.

I’m wearing : || Dress: Topshop || Sunglasses: Topshop ||

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