Love Always Wins: Why We Should Celebrate Our Mothers

Processed with Rookie CamProcessed with Rookie CamSeeing as though Mother’s Day is fast approaching, I wanted to dedicate an entire post to my mama’ and the fact that as women, we really should celebrate our mothers – if not every day, at least once a year. I can safely say that throughout the last twenty-five years, I’ve been incredibly lucky as the woman I have grown up calling mum, is one amazing, intriguing and selfless lady who I owe everything to. I know that as she reads this, she’ll probably have a smile on her face, which makes this totally worth it.

To kissing our bumps and bruises when we fell off our bikes, picking us up when we were down and crying over our latest crush at school, answering our endless phone calls and being that somebody when we needed somebody. Yes I’m writing a very soppy post, sorry Queens, it’s about time I put the emotional, less crazy side of myself to good use. I wanted to write a little list of all of the things my mum has taught me throughout my life and what I myself, when I have children (sorry Dan) I would like to pass onto them – here goes.

Processed with Rookie CamProcessed with Rookie Cam

Friendship: Throughout the years, I’ve watched my mum not only cherish her friendships, but give them her all. If you are her friend, you are her friend for life, regardless of your faults or the challenges that try and carry you apart. I would say that because of her, I choose my friends very wisely, and these fabulous sass’ pots that I regard as my friends, really are my ride and dies.

Self-worth: Having a healthy self-image and striving for more has always been something I’ve had instilled into me. My mum has always been my biggest supporter and made me feel, and believe that I should never settle – whether that’s in relationships, jobs or friendships. Having an awareness of who you are and what you deserve to be happy is something that I think, as women, is so important and I’m super grateful that she’s made me realise that I shouldn’t (at lack of a better reference) not take anybody’s s***.

Good things take time: Patience is something that admittedly isn’t my strong suit but seems to be one of my mum’s best qualities. She has always taught me that the best things in life are the ones worth waiting for and that perseverance is key. No matter how much I have moaned, vented and wanted to give up with blogging, she’s continued to encourage me to hold out and thank frickin’ goodness she did – why are mum’s always right?!

Loyalty: To me, loyalty is such an admirable attribute to find in a person and it’s something that’s really helps create strong relationships. If somebody is loyal to you, you have found an absolute diamond. I’ve found, that my mum has always been one of the most loyal people I’ve known. Regardless of any circumstance or situation, she’s got your back.

Be you: As a twenty-something living in a world that is dominated by social media, daring to be yourself can actually be really difficult. In a world full of people trying to be something they aren’t and presenting an alternative image of themselves – being authentic can sometimes prove to be difficult. The fear of rejection or the idea of people not liking the real you is something so many people struggle with. I would say, that because of my mum, I’ve always known who I am and have no problem in showing people a true perception of that. That isn’t to say, that the world of social media hasn’t sometimes made me question myself and whether I’m portraying myself in the ‘best light’ – after all, I’m only human. But, as an overall I’m not afraid to show people who I am and make no apologies for who I am.

Positivity: I think as people, you are either born a naturally positive person, or alternatively, a pessimist. I would say that I definitely fall under the pessimist category. In any situation, I always contemplate what could go wrong rather than focusing on the positive aspects. My mum has always been somebody that exerts positive energy and encourages me to see things from a different perspective. To put it bluntly, she’s a the glass is always half-full kind of woman and try as she might, when I’m thinking ‘how could this get any worse’ she’s there to remind me that it’s not the end of the world.

chlo6 chlo7With this all in mind, I’m all for celebrating mothers and what better way to do so than making them feel like Queens’ for the day? Fragrance Direct have hooked my mama’ up good this year with the perfect Chloe Signature Eau de Parfum that admittedly, she had to test first as despite being the little amazing woman she is, she’s fussy as hell. If, like me, you were originally stuck with what to get your mum, Fragrance Direct have got you covered with so many Mother’s Day gift ideas hereForget flowers – let’s be a little bit more creative with our Mother’s Day ideas and get them something they have really be lusting after. So, to put it simply, here’s to you mum – for all that you’ve done and all that you are, thank you.

chlo8* Post in collaboration with Fragrance Direct *

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