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Processed with Rookie CamProcessed with Rookie CamOkay so prepare yourself for a good ol’ beauty post Queens, because here it is. In the last six months I have started incorporating more lifestyle and beauty elements into my social because in all honesty: a) I get lots of requests for it and b) I think it’s really important to share everything with you. As much as I adore fashion, I wanted to ensure that I started expanding my influencer realm and cover all bases.

I don’t know about anybody else, but I’ve had a hair complex, or should I say, an intense obsession for as long as I can remember. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not exactly a bad obsession to have, but, when you throw the idea of being a perfectionist into the mix, achieving the look you want – not so easy. I have always been willing to spend money on hair products and styling tools, excited to see the outcome and then quickly disappointed with the results. After spending a hella’ lot of money and time trying to figure out what to get, I have learnt that before investing in any haircare, you need to ask yourself what it is that you want to get out of the products you are using. For me personally, the idea of dehydrated hair with dull colouring gives me anxiety (not literally, but it could certainly provoke a bitch fit). Everybody has got their specific hang ups and expectations, and the fear of having dry, frazzled hair is one of mine – shameful but true. When it comes to the shampoo and conditioner game, until I spoke to my hairdresser, I didn’t really know how important they were in your weekly routine. You see hundreds of different types and brands, all promising different things but which one do you actually go for? My hairdresser made a really simple point that you wouldn’t go and buy a shit moisturiser for your face, so why is your hair any different? I hadn’t really thought about it that way before and ever since this conversation, I have made a conscious effort to pick a shampoo and conditioner that have an element of something I’m looking for in it.

Processed with Rookie CamProcessed with Rookie CamFor the last month I have been using the Bed Head Recharge shampoo and conditioner and let me tell ya’, they are a dream. Given that I wanted to avoid dry hair, I picked these because they contain anti oxidants and vitamins which aim to give you that shiny AF hair – would it be really inappropriate to write #HairGoals? Too late, I’ve already done it. In between using these two products, once a week, I have become obsessed with using a toning shampoo. Since I am naturally dark haired, keeping that ashy blonde throughout isn’t as easy as it might seem. I have tried SO many toning products in the past and haven’t found any that achieve the colour that this Fudge Clean Blonde Violet Toning Shampoo does. I have found that I get the desired affect using this once a week and if I happen to exceed that, it can become a little too ashy. While the instructions say to leave it on for about five minutes, I always leave it on for ten – perhaps it’s that rebellious streak in me?
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a2When it comes to a hair mask, if you don’t already have one, I would strongly advise you get your asses online and order one as in my opinion, they really are a god-send. Think of your shampoo and conditioner purely as a base – if you want that little something extra, and want to give it some well-deserved TLC, this is where a hair mask comes in. Like previously discussed (or ranted about should I say), one of my main focuses is ensuring I don’t get dry hair. I have been using the Kerastase Resistance Strengthening Masque which is definitely the secret weapon to nourished, strong hair. This is a product I use once a week when I’m in the bath so I can leave it on for as long as humanely possible. I must admit, I can tell the difference when I have used a mask on my hair as it feels like an absolute dream when it’s been blow dried which is a rarity for me. If you have been contemplating getting a hair mask and are unsure which brand to go with, I can honestly say that Kerastase is such a good brand to invest in. I have used lots of their products in the past and while they are a little pricier, they are certainly worth the splurge.
Processed with Rookie CamProcessed with Rookie CamOkay, let’s talk pre-drying products. It’s all about protecting your hair from the heat, and ensuring you have some added shine. I don’t do anything before spritzing my locks with Matrix Style Link Heat Buffer Styling SprayI remember a time when I didn’t use anything on my hair before applying heat and looking back through Facebook photographs from 2010, no wonder my hair looked like a hot, frizzy mess, what did I expect?! I find that this product not only smells amazing, but it doesn’t leave my hair feeling greasy like other products I have used before have done. There’s nothing worse than going to the effort of washing your hair when you just want to lie on the sofa in your pyjamas to then go through the faff of washing it for it to feel like it isn’t even clean. I’m not going to lie, I have been victim to this many times in the past.

When it comes to drying, your hair dryer is so important in your daily routine in achieving shiny, smooth looking hair. Let’s be honest, we all want that, ‘bed hair’ hair but without actually looking like we have been dragged through a hedge backwards. If you can get this step nailed down, you are all set. Out of all of the hair dryers I have used, this Diva Rapida Pro Hair Dryer has given me much smoother results. I’ll admit, I have always struggled with frizzy hair, especially because I have unfortunately been cursed with an unusual amount of rebellious baby hairs – if only I could get laser hair removal on them like our babe Kimmy K. Trying to tame frizzy hair is legit’ the worst of the worst – anybody that can relate to this will feel my pain. I can safely say that since using this hairdryer, and using my tangle teaser during the process, the frizz has decreased somewhat.
Processed with Rookie CamMy next and crucial step is curling. Anybody that knows me, will know that I hate overly curly hair – the permed look is not for me and I do everything I can to avoid it. Instead, I always aim to get a tousled, beachy inspired wave. Since I have never been amazing at hair (my sister can vouch for me here), it took me a good few years to get this look down and more to the point – being able to use a curling wand without burning myself has only been a recent occurrence. I separate my hair into two sections, start from the back and work my way forward on each side – I find that this is the easiest way to curl hair but maybe that’s because I’m slightly cack-handed. Now my hair has got a lot longer than it used to be, I have increased the size of the barrel that I usually use – sometimes I use a 25mm one but recently I have been trying out these Babyliss Pro Ceramic Dial-a-Heat Curling Tongs which incidentally happen to be a 38mm. Once I have used them, I leave the curls to cool down and then put my fingers through them all which luckily for me, turns them more into waves than curls. FYI, anybody that is thinking of using a comb or brush to brush them out – don’t do it! For some reason, this can make your hair static and frizzy and I know for me, it’s certainly a no-go. My last step, is using a shine spray. I have been using the Matrix Biology SugarShine System Illuminating Mist.

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