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Scandinavia is continually acknowledged for it’s focus on minimalist fashion and monochromatic dressing and the trend has found itself allย over social media. So much so, we have become a little bit obsessed with it – I know I have anyway. Clashing patterns and bright colours are just another aspect of the Scandi’ trend and one that we have learnt to love for all of the right reasons. Seeing as though Summer is just around the corner, I thought it was a good time for me to share some of my favourite Scandinavian inspired looks with you Queens so here goes.

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Lolly’s Laundry leopard print cami top
Lolly’s Laundry leopard print wide leg trousers

While Scandi’ fashion has a super playful aesthetic, incorporating pattern combinations has become an absolute must. When I think of the trend, leopard print comes to mind and this co-ord couldn’t be a better representation of the trend. In the past, when I’ve thought of leopard print, thoughts of Kat Slater circa 1999 haunted me, however, within the last five years, it has re-identified itself and when worn in the right way, it can be one of the most dreamy, high-trend fashions.

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Minimum White Abstract Stripe Print Blouse

Okay, let’s talk monochrome. While black and white take us back to basics, they have been a reigning colour palette since, well, forever and one that we can’t resist making a staple in our wardrobe. This minimalist blouse couldn’t represent the Scandi’ trend any better and it’s an uncomplicated and easy-to-wear piece.

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Stella Nova Summer Check Mini Dress

While the Scandi’ trend saturates the market and more importantly, our Instagram explore page, it’s one that we don’t get bored of and one that continues to intrigue us. Why are we so accepting of this trend? Frankly, it’s ability to epitomize everything we believe fashion to be is definitely one of the reasons why and let’s be honest, minimalism never gets old. This checked ruffle dress, is another key staple that shows just how laid back the Scandinavian trend is – fresh but without any visible effort.

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