The Brutal Truth Behind Being A Blogger

0304Okay, so I’m going to completely hold my hands up and admit that I’ve been MIA on my blog over the last month. Whether that’s because I’ve had a chaotic few weeks or because I’ve sat down at the laptop and not felt the vibe of writing a blog post, who the hell knows. What I do know, is that I need to get my shit together. Without going off on a tangent, it’s probably no secret that despite having my days to be thinking about what to write, when I’m laying in bed, praying I fall asleep, that’s when my mind typically decides to be the most active and thus ends up being the place in which I do the majority of my thinking. Case in point, the idea of writing a post about what it’s really like to be a full-time influencer came to mind and I felt like the right thing to discuss this week – so here goes.

This weekend I got asked to go and drop in on the new Argento store at the Trafford Centre and more importantly, check out the beautiful new collection by Olivia Burton. Let me just be clear that the aesthetic of the store looks just as dreamy as all of the jewellery that they house. From the neon sign, to the marble cupboards and wooden interior – this store was on point and without sounding cliché, a bloggers dream. During my visit, the beaut’ girls that worked there bought out a little surprise for me which was one of the brand new abstract floral watches from the Olivia Burton collection. For somebody that loves statement accessories and arm candy in general, this was definitely a Sunday well spent and a store that was truly as Instagrammable as it looks. 0706This experience is definitely one of the positives about being a full-time influencer – receiving gifts, going to visit a beautiful new store instead of being cooped up in an office – what’s not to love? When it comes to blogger mail in general, who doesn’t want to receive clothing on a daily basis? In real speak – it’s a bloody good job. But, what you all don’t see is what happens behind the camera and behind the Instagram feed. For those of you that are uncertain and weary about whether being a blogger is a job, I can assure you that it is. I can’t remember the last time that I went out for food/ drinks/ into town whereby I didn’t need to pre-plan an outfit and have to shoot. Not only is this a pressure, but it almost means that you can’t just go out spontaneously as you have to plan backdrops, locations and outfits. Don’t get me wrong, I love showing everybody what I’m wearing, but sometimes you want to just go out with your man for a romantic meal and not have to worry about what you look like – if you’re a blogger, that doesn’t happen. 02Processed with Rookie CamLet’s state the obvious, if you choose to do this as a career, you need an incredibly thick skin, and as much self-confidence as possible. At the end of the day, you are putting yourself completely out there, to the world. As soon as you click ‘post’, your content no longer remains private but instead, becomes a platform for everybody else to see you and a snippet into your life. Yes this is of course the aim of the game, but at the same time, you have no idea what people are thinking when they see that content. The amount I second guess myself before uploading a picture – do my thighs look too big? Do my curves look okay? Does my hair look too windswept? Does the image do the outfit justice? These are just a few of the questions I ask before hitting post. The overwhelming part is, you may never know what people think which is sometimes really intimidating. Or, in some cases, you may get trolls, whose main aim is to make you feel like shit. I must admit that this hasn’t really happened to me as of yet, but it’s still a possibility and one that I definitely wouldn’t welcome. You can be the most confident person in the world, but as soon as you become an influencer, you become just as vulnerable as anybody else. 09O1As soon as you decide to become a full-time blogger you are inevitably self-employed. Before taking the plunge, and during my weighing up stage, I thought being self-employed would be a breeze. You get to work from home, shop for a living and plan your day, who wouldn’t want that? Well honeys, let me be brutally honest, being self-employed – not so easy. When you have rent and bills to pay, the pressure of making enough to cover these costs is intense. If you live at home, then I would advise staying there until you have saved up a significant amount. One thing I have started doing, is expensing the hell out of everything – which at the end of the year will be a huge god-send as it will mean you have to pay less tax. Whilst we are on the topic of tax, when you are self-employed not only do you have to keep an expense form, but you also need to do a self-assessment at the end of the year which basically means you have to work out what you owe the HMRC over the tax year. If you don’t have an accountant (I currently don’t) this can be crazy confusing. I’m currently in the midst of sorting out last years and let me just be real for a second – I’ve definitely learnt to be more organised this year as it’s a nightmare. Again, these are all things that people don’t take into consideration when they want to pursue being a blogger as a career but are a huge part of it. 08 10

While blogging seems like the most glamorous of jobs, and hand on heart, I absolutely love what I do, and am so blessed that I can do it – it isn’t as easy as it looks. You certainly pay for the gifts, events and experiences through other ways – whether that’s self-esteem, what seem like abnormal stress levels, continuous pre-planning and sharing every aspect of your life. With anything though, if you love it, you are willing to make these sacrifices and the good definitely outweighs the bad but sometimes, you get fed up with people thinking it’s an easy ride hence this post.

* Blog post in collaboration with Argento *

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