The Monthly Edit: January Rituals

fd1fd2January marks the beginning of a clean slate and for many people, an endless list of new years resolutions – some that get put into action and some that never get done or even spoken of again. Refocussing and bringing all of the calm into your life is something we all go after during this month, but, one thing that we all crave, is revitalised skin.

There’s nothing worse than walking around in the freezing cold with bad skin and getting it back to being holiday-ready is a must. With this in mind, I teamed up with Fragrance Direct to start a new skincare ritual and try out some products that I haven’t ever had a play around with before.


Removing your makeup and getting rid of any residue or substances is the first step to having good skin. Who doesn’t want clean pores and a blackhead free face? By sleeping in your makeup you are committing a cardinal sin. Snoozing in a full face of foundation only leads to a build up of dirt and oil and more importantly, you end up with dirty pillow cases! Forget the makeup wipes, this Nars Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover is the one. It’s no secret that I have eyelash extensions so this is perfect for ensuring that they last for as long as possible. Whether it’s gel eyeliner, waterproof mascara or the Urban Decay Heat palette – this is a god-send for removing any makeup and I’ll admit, I use it to take off my face makeup as well as my eyeshadow.

During these Winter months, exfoliating your skin is so important and I am such an advocate of this step within my skincare regime. Without doing this, you are essentially walking around with dead skin on your face – yes, really! I exfoliate twice a week using at the beginning of the week and half way through. This always results in my skin being super soft and fresh. I have been using the Nars Double Refining Exfoliator and I will admit that afterwards my skin has felt so much smoother, brighter and general, if I do say so myself, much more radiant.

fd4fd63. CLEANSING
Cleansing is your best friend when it comes to giving your skin a deep clean and ensuring that your complexion is as refreshed as possible. With any cleanser, the aim is to lift impurities without drying out your skin – there’s nothing worse than feeling like you are wearing a mask on your face. This Elemis Nourishing Omega-Rich Cleansing Oil is just a dream to apply. I have used so many cleansers throughout the years and I would be as confident to say it’s in my top three. While it smells divine, my skin feels so smooth after using it- this step within your daily routine is a must and if you can only afford to buy one or two products, I would really encourage this to be one of the beauty staples you use.

If you are wanting extra cleansing after wearing makeup, or are prone to break-outs – using a toner is an essential for you. It’s aim is to remove any excess dirt and i’ll hold my hands up – this is the secret weapon to healthy skin. Not only does it reduce the size of pores, its refreshes the skin and restores your skin’s pH balance. I have added this Elemis Soothing Apricot Toner into my beauty routine and so far the results have been really good.

My fifth and final step is moisturising and like I have said many times, I have used both a day and a night cream for years and it really is worth it. While a day cream gives you that hit of moisture in the morning, a night cream offers a more intense hydration. Given that my skin is normal/dry, I am slightly obsessed with this step and would moisturise all day and all night if I could which I know, sounds slightly crazy. Aside from the anti-ageing benefits, it ensures that your skin is glowing and prevents you from looking washed out. I have been using the Nars Restorative Night Treatment and it’s honestly been a revolutionary product. While it is a gel texture, it forms a luxurious hydrating veil on the skin and I’m feeling super fresh-faced.

While like everything else, your skin does get used to products and you need to mix up your beauty regime as often as you can which let’s be honest, isn’t a bad thing at all. I don’t know about you guys, but there’s nothing I love more than trying out new products.

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