Why Hello Valentines Day My Old Pal

d1d3Valentines Day – the day some of us look forward to for months and celebrate or, a day some of us Queens dread as much as a trip to the dentist. When I think of Valentines Day, I automatically think about the episode of Friends where the girls burn pictures and items belonging to ex-boyfriends. Whether you are single, or in a relationship, I think a day created purely to celebrate love, is an amazing notion and one we shouldn’t take for granted. What some of you may not know about me yet, is the fact that deep down I am a secret romantic – throw me a romantic gesture and it won’t go unnoticed.

One of the most frequnetly asked questions I get sent is ‘how come you don’t put Dan on your Instagram?’. The truth is, as I share every other part of my life with everyone, this is the only aspect I keep a little private and away from social. Even when I do cave, as with most boyfriends, as soon as I put the camera or the phone in front of him he practically runs away. However, since it is almost Valentine’s Day, I thought it was only appropriate to share a little insight into my love life.

d2d4As most of you know and for those of you that don’t, I’m from Nottingham – a little village in the countryside that I must say, I love. When the opportunity of university came up, I knew I wanted to move away from home and be in a city, but I didn’t want to go too far – so Sheffield it was. Fortunately for me, this is where I met Dan. Because I wasn’t actually a single lady at the time, we were initially just friends and only really saw each other on nights out. Fast forward a year and we got talking, as you do – he’ll tell you it was me that started talking to him first, but I don’t think I recall this. Okay, okay, it was me. I hold my hands up – thanks Facebook chat.

Over the last six years, we have been in Sheffield together, then him in Sheffield – me in Nottingham, him in Leeds – me in Nottingham, me in Nottingham – him in Manchester. You could say we have been through it all, and despite the distance, it has always seemed to work. That isn’t to say that it was easy, I’ll be honest, sometimes long distance relationships can be a pain in the ass especially when, in some circumstances, you have to go without seeing each other for three weeks – the phone becomes your best friend. The amazing thing about long distance is when you are in a fight and aren’t seeing each other. You would think this would be worse, but I always found if we were having a tiff, an hour later we were absolutely fine and over it – always a silver lining.

Before moving to Manchester, I knew it was the right decision to make, as I had always seen myself in a big city and ultimately, Dan wasn’t in a position professionally, where he could move himself. I will challenge anybody that questions women’ motives when moving cities to live with their man. This was in fact, one of the best things I could have done and despite leaving family and friends behind, I haven’t regretted it (yet). When people ask me about my relationship, I think it’s obvious to all, just how happy I am.  I know a lot of people say this, but I really am grateful to have found somebody that, even with all of my faults (and I’m sure there are many) can accept me for who I am. It isn’t often you can find somebody that can compliment you in all of the right ways. My only complaint is how messy he is – let me warn you ladies, living with your boyfriend – not ideal if you are OCD.



Anyway, getting back to the point of this post – I wanted to dedicate an article solely to Valentine’s or Galentine’s (a day that has quickly become more popular than the regular Valentine’s Day). Let’s just quickly make reference and a little throwback to Sex and the City and the fact that Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda decide to be each others soulmates, and conclude that men are people they can just have a great time with. Even though I am taken, I am definitely an advocate of this, after all, who doesn’t want to celebrate female empowerment and ‘sisterhood’?

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, I wanted to put a gift guide together – whether this is for your man to buy you, or your best friend. I don’t know about anybody else, but I can (I’m sure Dan would vouch for me) be a little fussy when it comes to gift buying/receiving. That isn’t to say I’m ungrateful by any means, but, to put it as simply as possible, I’m not one for surprises. Whether it’s my birthday or Christmas, as soon as somebody mentions the word surprise, I shut that shit down. There’s nothing worse than having to smile and pretend to absolutely adore something when inside your thinking, please God no.

d7d9d8The safest thing to go with when it comes to Valentine’s Day is perfume – every girl that I’ve ever met at least, wears fragrance. I’ve never met anybody that doesn’t like it so it’s a pretty safe bet. I have recently become acquainted with Tom Ford Black Orchid and let me say, wow. It’s perhaps one of the most luxurious fragrances I’ve came across and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t spritz every single item of clothing I had on, in addition to my body (obvz).

d10If that doesn’t work for ya’, why not go down the cosmetic route? Make up is Gods’ gift to women after all, and a little life saviour. Whether it’s an every day staple, or something you can experiment with for the evening, a little something something in that department is always an option. To play it safe, why not ask for a lipstick? When it comes to your boyfriend however, strict instructions of what colour and type would need to be given out as God forbid he goes on that adventure himself – not only would he come back traumatised from the amount of shades available, but you would probably end up with something resembling Bozo the clown. I’m wearing the Tom Ford Soleil Lip Balm in shade L’Odissea.

d12d11Finally, if the above still aren’t appealing to you – why not go with lingerie? We all, even if it’s just one day a year, feel sexy and empowered. The most ideal piece to go with, is a lace bralette because this can also be worn as outwear – whether that’s under a blazer or under a white tee. I’m wearing a Reger by Janet Reger black lace bra.

*Post in collaboration with Debenhams*

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